We have a substantial collection of photographs of historic people and places of German township and are actively collecting more.

We link here to our own albums and to high-quality albums of local residents. Let us know if you have a trove! We can help you scan them and clean them up to share with everyone!

Historic Bremen galleries


Historic Bremen on Flickr

You can also search only Historic Bremen collection on Flickr.

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German twp historic barns on Flickr

Bremen standpipe

Bremen Memories moderated group on Flickr

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Other local galleries

Oktoberfest flickr

Oktoberfest Flickr

Senff collection

Senff-Redman collection on Fotki

Ralph Pearl Angeline house

Kilian-Elder collection on Fotki

Bremen band 1907

Hoosier Recollections albums on Flickr

Bremen Fireman's Festival - 2013 - Keith Board

Keith Board’s modern Bremen on Flickr

Bremen football - 1907

Bremen football history on Flickr