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Doc Bowen’s 100th

February 26 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Doc Bowen. On Sunday, volunteers of Historic Bremen visited the Bethel College exhibit of his life and memorabilia. Otis R Bowen was born February 26, 1918, near Rochester, Indiana, to… Continue Reading →

Tame Squirrels for Longcliff Patients

Logansport State Hospital, the state psychiatric hospital, was originally called Longcliff Hospital for the Insane. It was relatively common for folks from all over northern Indiana, including Bremen, to be sent there, since few mental disorders, including senile dementia, could… Continue Reading →

Valentine customs through the years

In the late 1800s, Valentine’s Day was not merely a day for giving gifts to your sweetheart. There was also a tradition of sending ugly comic Valentines to those you disliked. Valentine’s Day was also an occasion for masked balls,… Continue Reading →

1890s: Bremen foot-ball

Football was a dangerous game in the days before proper helmets and pads, and when the flying wedge was legal. But it was popular in Bremen as early as the mid-1890s. (It was disallowed in 1907 and returned in 1955.)

History Chat: Life in the Amish community

In 2016, Mary Ellen Kauffman and Miriam Hochstetler gave a talk at the history center on their lives growing up in the Amish community and their later interactions with them.

1851: The Klinger brothers survey Bremen

About 1850, Jacob BN Klinger (1819-1894) was elected surveyor of Marshall county, a post he would hold for 12 years. He engaged his much younger brother, Jeremiah M “Jerry” Klinger (1835-1911) to join him, and the two proceeded to survey… Continue Reading →

History Chat: Al Suttor on Bremen Bible Church

In 2010, Al Suttor gave a History Chat on the history of the Bremen Bible Church, which began in Bremen in 1924 as the Apostolic Christian Church. Click any image to view a larger version.

1902-1964: Christmas wishes thru time

The Enquirer began publishing children’s letters to Santa Claus in 1902, but it didn’t last long. It restarted in the 1930s and became a tradition. Click any image to view it larger.

Passing of Mel Sheley

Melvere “Mel” Sheley passed away Saturday, November 25.  Mel was instrumental in saving, moving and restoring the Bremen train depot and building the 155 feet of track in front. Mel was the last station agent at the Bremen depot. When… Continue Reading →

1936 – Grover Walter’s waterproof sportsuit

Grove Walter (1888-1945) was, in his youth, a baseball and fishing enthusiast and (with his father Frank) a pool hall and then confectionery proprietor. He married Nellie Ranstead and ran a dress shop in town. He eventually became proprietor of… Continue Reading →

Sharing Bremen Memories

The next Sharing Bremen Memories session will be on October 24 at 9:30 a.m. These are unguided discussions with refreshments. Please enter by the old bank entrance at the corner of Plymouth and Center.
Your memories make the talks more interesting. Feel free to bring photos, artifacts, and other memories. Come and bring a friend and enjoy the morning.


History Chat: Calvin Koontz on his life & family

The next history chat will feature Calvin Koontz discussing his life experiences and family, on Thursday, October 19, 2017, at 10:30 a.m. Please enter by the old bank entrance at the corner of Plymouth and Center. Those who attend find the talks very interesting. Come and bring a friend and enjoy the morning.


Rouch-Schutz photo collection

Recently, this author had the pleasure of sitting with fellow Historic Bremen board-member Charlene Beery and looking through her family collection of more than 100 old photographs that stretch back more than 100 years. Her family, the Rouches, came to… Continue Reading →

Historic Depot and History Center open October 1

The Bremen Historic Train Depot on Douglas Road will be open from 2-4 p.m. on this coming Sunday, October 1, the first Sunday of the month. The Bremen History Center downtown will also be open, in addition to its usual… Continue Reading →

Hastings come to life

On Thursday, Sep 21, the Historic Bremen board and friends paid a visit to Lee Beer and family, who have assembled an unparalleled collection of log cabins and recreations of old-time shops. More than a dozen structures have been brought… Continue Reading →

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