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1909: The mysterious murder of Enoch Highshew

Enoch Highshew was born and raised in Bremen. His parents and sisters remained here, but he left for opportunities in Plymouth and later Mishawaka. But early one morning, his teenage son found him in the family buggy, stone dead. It… Continue Reading →

1903 – Organ destruction

1894: That’s a lot of boloney

Presented without comment. From the Bremen Enquirer – 12 Oct 1894.

1909: Dr Schilt dodges a serious charge of speeding

Born southeast of Bremen on what became the Theodore Graverson farm, Clarence Schilt (1888-1955) went off to Ontario to learn to be a veterinarian. But he returned to his home town to start a practice. It didn’t last long, however,… Continue Reading →

1888: A tale fit for the Little Rascals

From way back in 1888, a tale of woe to a gang of small boys who only wanted to make a little candy money selling rags to the Dietrich department store but ran afoul of the long arm of the… Continue Reading →

Town marshals and chiefs of police

The new display for the police department includes a list of all the Bremen marshals and chiefs of police. To date, there have been 33 marshals and 5 chiefs of police. We all know the role of the town marshals… Continue Reading →

1920: Bremen thugs at Lake Maxinkuckee

August 1920: Drunken youths from Bremen harass motorists at Lake Maxinkuckee… and get arrested. The miscreants were Ed Miller, Clyde Coverstone, Ollie Klopfenstine, Rudy Klopfenstine, Walter Kimes, and Harold Heckaman (the Pharos-Trib gets their names a little wrong; the Enquirer… Continue Reading →

1896: Swoverland-Stewart shootout southeast of Bremen

Nearly 120 years ago, German township wasn’t quite so wild as the Wild West, but it wasn’t so mild, either. One notorious figure was John Swoverland, who would start fights and threaten honest citizens whenever the mood took him… until… Continue Reading →

1954: Peter Kovach suicide

On Wednesday, May 26, 1954, Peter Kovach disappeared from work and wasn’t located until Saturday, when his body was found hanging in the woods. Doc Bowen was called to the scene and pronounced the mysterious death a suicide.

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