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Remembering Dave Holmes

We say goodbye to Dave Holmes, who was instrumental in helping Historic Bremen get established 20 years ago so it could save the Historic B&O Depot. He continued to give advice and legal help for the past 20 years, including… Continue Reading →

Remembering Lu Town

We say goodbye to our friend Lu Town, who served on the board of directors of Historic Bremen from 2011-2019. She left the board a few years ago for personal reasons but was a warmly missed personality. Her obituary at… Continue Reading →

Remembering Dean Kimble

We say goodbye to our friend Dean Kimble, who did three history chats for us on his life and family fur business. He was struck down in the prime of life at the age of 102. Dean was a woodworker… Continue Reading →

Jim Anderson

We say goodbye to our friend, Jim Anderson, a regular at our Sharing Bremen Memories sessions, and a great guy with a sharp mind at 98. Jim was an avid photographer and shared with us a number of wonderful slides… Continue Reading →

Remembering Flora Bowser

We are remembering Flora M Bowser (1920–2018) who served on the Board of Directors of Historic Bremen from 2005 to 2008 during the development time for Historic Bremen, Inc. and the preservation of the Historic Bremen Railroad Depot. Flora was… Continue Reading →

1954: Peter Kovach suicide

On Wednesday, May 26, 1954, Peter Kovach disappeared from work and wasn’t located until Saturday, when his body was found hanging in the woods. Doc Bowen was called to the scene and pronounced the mysterious death a suicide.

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