Another little gem popped up on eBay the other day. It is a postcard showing Cleo Juday’s “Juniors” youth band, resplendent in their new uniforms, marching down East Plymouth Street in 1913 playing either Frank H Losey’s “Fidelity” two-step (which isn’t anywhere online) or perhaps Karl King’s “Fidelity” march.

The message on the back is from Cleo Juday himself to Jesse M Sargent regarding a Knights of Pythias roll call and possible orchestra.

Mr. J. Sargent
Wawasee, Ind.

Dear Friend:
Are you coming over to the K of P roll call? We want to have a KP orchestra and would like to have you play with us. Kom if U kan.
C. Juday

Cleo Juday was a school administrator, Bremen State Bank director, and band leader; he lost an eye in 1909 in an accident at the radiator plant, where he worked for many years and became superintendent. That’s him with the eye patch at the front of the band, playing what is probably a euphonium.

Jesse M Sargent was a pleasure boat proprietor at Lake Wawasee but who had lived in Bremen for a time and done painting and wallpapering work in the 1890s. He was quite a good musician and played in Gentry’s Famous Dog & Pony Show with Ervin Huff. He played the euphonium also. He would soon open Sargent’s Hotel, a resort on Lake Wawasee, and become the postmaster. Both towns being on the B&O line, he could hop a train and be in Bremen in 40 minutes.

Sargent was well-known, and his comings and goings were regularly reported in the Enquirer. The issue of November 27, 1913, even reports that he did in fact attend the meeting referred to in the postcard. Also, Cleo Juday did organize an orchestra, although Sargent apparently didn’t join it.

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