In his autobiography, Doc Bowen said that he had nothing to do with Bremen getting the US 6 highway by-pass or, for that matter, a state police post, and that he always looked askance at his gubernatorial staff when they brought him projects that happened to benefit his adopted home town for fear they were just trying to cull favors. Regardless, most residents felt (at the time) the by-pass was needed and gave credit to Doc when it came in 1987. This map shows the work in progress and other additions to the town (in purple) since the last update, which was in 1958.


The latest map, done in 2013, shows the topography of Bremen more clearly. Our town sits on a little plateau above the two forks of the Yellow River and the once-marshy flatlands it flows through.


Various other Bremen and German township maps are available in the Bremen maps album on Flickr.