In late April, this author met with Phyllis [Sheetz] Borkholder, who offered a large number of digital photos and some physical photos for our collection. These included a family scrapbook and four family photo collections that include Sheetz, Berger, and Dietrich family photos. Most of the photos have good identifications of their subjects, even when there are large numbers of people in them. We are still in the process of transcribing these so they can be searched and matched to the photos easily.

We thank Phyllis and her family for this amazing addition!

Below are slideshow galleries of each of the albums on our Flickr account. You can use the next and previous buttons to browse them or click an image to view its Flickr page for a larger picture.

Aleda [Berg] Berger scrapbook, including items on Phyllis and her husband Dale Borkholder:

Aleda's scrapbook 016

Irene [Dietrich] Sheetz collection, featuring photos of Harold and Celestia [Berger] Dietrich:

1940 - 35 Dietrich-Sheetz wedding party

Celestia [Berger] Dietrich collection, featuring photos of Celestia and her friends and family:

1890s - 2   Jacob & Sarah Berger with their first 4 childlren Aleda, Celestia, Marlo & Della (lt to rt)

Dietrich-Scheetz collection, featuring photos of Harold Dietrich and his friends and family:

Irene's Heritage 008  Orchestra at Salem EUB Church  Names on back & in Guide to PX

John & Elizabeth Dietrich family collection, featuring photos of JR Dietrich and his family.

1890s - Family Dietrich 005