We have built up quite an impressive collection of digital maps of Bremen, Indiana, over the last several years. From as far back as 1872 to fairly recent times, we have some quite detailed and high-resolution images. You can find them in our Town of Bremen maps album on Flickr.

In the gallery below, use the back and next buttons to navigate or click an image to go to its page on Flickr. You can usually click once or twice more to get even larger images.

1872 - Bremen

We also have in impressive collection of German township maps, from 1872 to 2015. On these, you can find who owned the land around Bremen over the years and even where they had a house (certain maps have little black squares to indicate houses). The early maps show where the marshlands were before the ditches were dug and field tile was installed. These are in our German twp plat maps album.

1925 - German twp