This story about Bremen runaways Edwina Keyser (13) and Lowell Mast (14) ran in the Sunday Mail of Brisbane, Australia – 6 March 1938. (Note: they translate the money into Australian shillings and pence. Australia converted to the decimalized Australian dollar in 1966.)

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Runaways sell car parts to reach Florida - 1938
Brisbane, Australia, Sunday Mail – 6 March 1938

The Logansport Pharos had a more detailed report prior to their safe return.

Mast elopement - Logansport_Pharos_Trib - Jan_10_1938
Logansport Pharos Tribune – 10 Jan. 1938

A hitch in World War 2 notwithstanding, things seem to have worked out okay….

Lowell Mast obit - 2001
Lowell Mast obituary – Bremen Enquirer – 2001

Edwena passed away in 2008 at the age of 84.