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It seems like winter in Bremen just doesn't feature the snow we used to have in the old days. What we get melts off in a day or two. But here's a reminder that that didn't used to be the... Continue Reading →

2022: Stranger Things crop art in Woodland

The location was kept quiet, so it slipped by at the time, but the Netflix show Stranger Things commissioned a piece of crop art last summer to promote its new season. Artist Stan Herd worked with the show's art director... Continue Reading →

1918: Happy New Year

At the end of 1918, the armistice had just been signed on November 11, and Americans were looking forward to a brighter future.

1973: St Joe Street Becomes Bowen Avenue

Bremen residents were awfully proud of their family doctor getting elected governor of the whole state. The moment he was elected, they decided to name a street for him. The one they chose was on the west side and had... Continue Reading →

1948 – We Won’t Boo – How About You?

In 1948, the Bremen Hi-Y club at the school decided a little good sportsmanship spirit was warranted at basketball games and created a sign that remained in the gymnasium until it was remodeled in 1987-88. The sign, apparently encouraged nationally... Continue Reading →

Gingerbread Man

Are you looking for a gingerbread man at the History Center? He's in the window!

November 5: Charity Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournament to benefit Historic Bremen

UPDATE: The poker tournament was a great success. We raised nearly $5000 to benefit Historic Bremen! Thanks again to the sponsors, organizers, and players! Saturday, November 5, 2022 6:30pm   Check In 7:00pm   Play Starts Location: St. Isadore‚Äôs Hall, 803... Continue Reading →

The 132-year history of the Bremen Enquirer

Note: This article was first posted December 17, 2018. It has been updated and improved with new research. Bremen's paper of record, The Bremen Enquirer, was founded in November of 1885 by Brook H Bowman (1858-1931). 2018 marked the end... Continue Reading →

2002 – 2022: Historic Bremen anniversary event videos

Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Historic Bremen as an organization. We hosted a brief program at the Historic B&O Depot with speakers Kurt Garner (Marshall County historian), RT Henke (Historic Bremen historian), and Matt VanSoest (Bremen Community Cares).... Continue Reading →

1930s: Hard Times & Bad Roads

Roy Molebash was a mail carrier in the 1930s whose route took him north of Bremen to deliver to Madison township residents with Bremen addresses. He seems to have had a sense of humor about the more difficult parts of... Continue Reading →

1897: Moving Pictures

In 1897, motion pictures came to Bremen for the first time. The Bremen Theatre did not exist yet (that would come along in 1910), so the presentation was shown in the hall on the second floor of the Wright Building,... Continue Reading →

1950 census

Following the 72-year release schedule, the 1950 census became available to the public in April of 2022, and genealogy organizations leapt on it. This census has a significantly different form from previous ones. It is oriented vertically and arranged more... Continue Reading →

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