It seems like winter in Bremen just doesn’t feature the snow we used to have in the old days. What we get melts off in a day or two. But here’s a reminder that that didn’t used to be the case.

The photo above was taken in 1965 by Ruth Koontz, who owned the Koontz Drug Store in the days before selling it to Ward Summy, who combined his drug store with hers in the building now home to The Dog Lb gourmet hot dog shop on W Plymouth St. It shows the old Bremen State Bank building before it got the steel-and-aggregate facade in 1969 or ’70 and incorporated Welkie Kipfer’s newsstand into it (demolished to make space for offices). Gambles occupies the space where the Wooden Peel is today. Way down on the left, you can just see the old Koontz Hardware store in it’s early days as a one-story building.

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1915 or so - view from standpipe to SW