September 9: Two ethnologists from the Übersee-Museum in Bremen, Germany, just finished spending ten days in the Bremen area, doing research for an exhibit on the town. Karolin Kruse and Miriam Fassbender came to study immigration, religion, social structure, and natural resources. They were particularly interested in Bremen for its many churches. They took photographs, interviewed residents, and spent time at the History Center.

Kruse and Fassbender
German ethnologists Kruse and Fassbender

In October, a photographer from the museum will come to complete the project. In the meantime, Kruse and Fassbender will visit other towns in the US with links to Germany.

Update 9/29

photographer Kreidler
On Thursday, September 24, photographer Volker Kreidler and his assistant Nina Hansch came to Bremen for a week to take photos of our churches and crop harvest. To capture German township in the highest definition possible, Volker brought his Linhof Technika, which produces enormous 4×5-inch film negatives.