Thanks to Gary Kiefer, the History Center now has a trio of beautiful photographs depicted events at the 1958 ceremony to light the new overhead street lights on Plymouth and Center streets. The Bremen Enquirer duly documented the events, and we’re sure a good time was had by all. Dr. AA Blue, president of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce at the time, conducted the festivities. Center Street was still brick-paved at the time. A sign spanning the Plymouth St announces that Bremen Farm Days are October 2, 3, & 4.

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Bremen Enquirer - 2 Oct 1958
Bremen Enquirer – 2 Oct 1958
1958 - old lights
1958 – old lights
1958 - new lights
1958 – new lights
1958 - hula hoop contest
1958 – hula hoop contest on Center St

Hula hoops were brand new in 1958 and hugely popular. The winner of the contest was 8-year-old Teri Shorter (seen here at right, with arms folded), who kept it up for 4 hrs and 15 seconds!

Notice that Woodie’s original downtown grocery was been sold to Clarence Surges and renamed Surges’ IGA (Indiana Grocers’ Association). And, in the later photo, the bowling pin-shaped sign for the bowling alley above the garage on E Plymouth St is visible.

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The original old lights were installed in 1927 with similar ceremony.

Bremen Enquirer - 29 Dec 1927
Bremen Enquirer – 29 Dec 1927