On Thursday, Sep 21, the Historic Bremen board and friends paid a visit to Lee Beer and family, who have assembled an unparalleled collection of log cabins and recreations of old-time shops. More than a dozen structures have been brought to life in the last 17 years since the Beers acquired their first log house. They’ve since added a jail, church, doctor’s office, barber shop, hardware store, schoolhouse, general store, and more. Most are filled with artifacts and memorabilia from days long since, and are a thrill to tour and browse among.

Since the Beers live just a stone’s throw from the old village of Hastings in Jefferson twp, Kosciusko county, old Hastings is the theme of their constructed village. (There’s even a history written of the real one.) Their church is even the actual Island Chapel.

Thanks, Lee!

You can see our full album on Flickr. Below is a selected gallery. Click any image to view a larger version.
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