One of our goals at Historic Bremen is to scan all of the BHS yearbooks and make them available online on our Flickr account. We don’t scan every page but rather focus on senior pictures, clubs, and sports teams, with a smattering of other photos.

So far, we have 20 yearbooks available, from as far back as 1940–mostly in the 1940s, 1960s, and 1990s, thanks mostly to RT Henke. (Note: we would love to have more yearbooks donated from the 1990s and later.)

You can find our yearbooks in a gallery on our Historic Bremen Flickr account.

Did you know that prior to 1940, Bremen High School’s yearbook was called “The Oracle”? And it was only published once every four years? And our school colors where purple and gold?

Look for Oracles to be scanned and make public on Flickr in the future, as well as those years we haven’t gotten to yet.

Here is the 1972 yearbook. The class of 1972 is enjoying the 50th anniversary of their graduation…

Use the back and next arrows to navigate the slideshow below or click an image to go to our Flickr account page for that image.

1972 - 00 yearbook