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1973: St Joe Street Becomes Bowen Avenue

Bremen residents were awfully proud of their family doctor getting elected governor of the whole state. The moment he was elected, they decided to name a street for him. The one they chose was on the west side and had... Continue Reading →

Doc Bowen book

Historic Bremen newest publication is here! Otis R. Bowen; From Farm Boy to Governor: A Life, a 26-page biography of Indiana‚Äôs 44th governor (and long-time Bremen physician) has been released for distribution.  The book is intended for elementary children, particularly... Continue Reading →

The family of Mrs. Beth Bowen

February 26 would be Doc Bowen's 98th birthday. The History Center has a nice display of photos of his life and career. Doc's companion through 47 years from their wedding in 1939 to her death from a rare bone marrow... Continue Reading →

1954: Peter Kovach suicide

On Wednesday, May 26, 1954, Peter Kovach disappeared from work and wasn't located until Saturday, when his body was found hanging in the woods. Doc Bowen was called to the scene and pronounced the mysterious death a suicide.

Doc Bowen

The Bremen History Center has an exhibit all about the life and career of Otis R Bowen, MD. This post exists as a reference for tagging the families in Doc's background. See the exhibit page for details.

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