Recently, Paul Hollar came to the Bremen History Center with his wife Beth and mentioned having, as many people do, a box of old family photos. We arranged for Paul and Beth to bring them in so we could have a look and at the same time provided them with some newspaper clippings of their family found in the Bremen Enquirer.

Among their prizes are two photographs that were published in the newspaper in 1929 when Teghtmeyer, Stine, Laudeman, and Kitch cousins recreated a photograph they had posed for in 1889. It’s an amazing document, altho these are only a few of the grandchildren of George and Elizabetha Stein, who were among the earliest settlers in Bremen, coming from the Rhine Valley of Germany about 1836.


Rebecca Laudeman, who married William Schlosser
Catherine Teghtmeyer, who never married
Rosa Stine, who married John Motz
Elizabeth Laudeman, who married Hiram Eversole
Dora Stine, who married William Montague

John L Teghtmeyer
Jesse Stine
Will Teghtmeyer
Willard Stine

Mike Kitch
Philip Laudeman


These and nearly 300 other family photos and documents are now available in the Hollar collection on our Flickr account. Thanks, Paul and Beth!

Beth and Paul Hollar
Beth and Paul Hollar