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Comparisons of people, places, and things from some point in history to today

1897 & 2023 – W Plymouth St

You may have noticed the renovations happening on the north side of W Plymouth street lately. Baker insurance got a new facade, and the Dog Lb is being fully renovated inside and out. Bremen can be proud of the way... Continue Reading →

Then & Now: John Hoeh farm

Then & Now: 303 N Center St

Among the photos from the Louis Flora collection donated to Historic Bremen is one of the house at 303 N Center St, a house where (the back of the photo indicates) his great-grandfather James Bates had lived at one time... Continue Reading →

1889-1929: Cousins over 40 years

Recently, Paul Hollar came to the Bremen History Center with his wife Beth and mentioned having, as many people do, a box of old family photos. We arranged for Paul and Beth to bring them in so we could have... Continue Reading →

Then & Now: 303 W Plymouth

Among the artifacts in the library's collection is this 1890s photo of one of the Bremen fire brigades in front of a house identifiable as 303 W Plymouth St. The house has been renovated and remodeled recently, but an image... Continue Reading →

The long history of the Bremen movie theater

Way back in 1910, when motion pictures were just getting a foothold in American culture, Carl Ponader and Otto Fries bought the 1888 William Huff building that was part of Huff's hardware store (the Downtown'r restaurant in 2016). This is... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day gifts at Whitlock’s

Get your gifts for Dad at G W Whitlock's. (Hurry—sale ends in 1967.) George W Whitlock owned and operated Whitlock's Five and Dime for 28 years, starting in 1947. He married Jesse Fry in 1935 and they had two children,... Continue Reading →

Fritz Nierste, 42 yrs a teacher & coach

Fritz Nierste started teaching at Bremen High School in 1951 at just 24 years old. A World War 2 vet who had presumably given the enemy many very, very difficult tests, he had come from Wesphalia, Indiana, and took over... Continue Reading →

1996: Bremen’s town hall retro renovation

The above photo was taken in 2005, but the Bremen Town Hall didn't always look like this. In the first half of the 20th century, the building on the southwest corner of Plymouth and Center streets was first the Union... Continue Reading →

Then and now: Bremen town

Here is a map of Bremen, Indiana in 2015 overlaid with a map from 1908 with the landowners labeled, along with the two source maps. source

Then and now: Willis Roose house

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